Clarification of the role

AirService is seeking a technologically focussed Systems Engineer with several years’ experience working with enterprise level web applications or SaaS systems using Ruby and JavaScript languages and related frameworks.

You will join our existing development team in Sydney, and will be involved in the development of apps for clients, R&D work on new features, and extension of the AirService platform suite.

Responsibilities include

  • Design and development of micro service platform APIs with deployment onto distributed architectures and specific environmental interfaces within a range of implementation environments.
  • Build and maintain CI/CD pipelines
  • Building of application testing, and fault finding and sandbox application builds.
  • Brain-storming ideas with the rest of team, and prototyping new ideas to ensure we (and our customers) can stay ahead of the competition.

Mandatory skills and experience

  • Proven experience (4+ years) of design and build of distributed web based applications and platforms using the Ruby and JavaScript languages and related platforms
  • Experience with deployment and management of distributed applications
  • An understanding of SOA and micro service design patterns and architectures
  • Experience with RESTful API’s
  • An appreciation and understanding of JSON APIs and GraphQL
  • Ability to work in a distributed team, with the confidence to work independently as well as seek assistance and work collaboratively when required.
  • A fundamental understanding of coding and an ability to work things out from first principles.
  • An interest in other platforms and integrations, such as Chromecast, Carplay, Android, iOS, Alexa, Sonos and the like.
  • Excellent attention to detail, and a desire to be proud of what you do.
  • An appreciation of why design and UX is important.
  • Drive to keep up to date with developments and trends in the tech and modern media world
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Mathematical aptitude
  • Good understanding an appreciation of test frameworks and why they are used
  • Good understanding of CI/CD
  • The ability to learn quickly
  • The ability to interpret and follow technical plans
  • Problem-solving skills

Nice to have

  • Knowledge and experience with GraphQL.
  • Knowledge and experience with AWS services and serverless architectures including:
    • Lambda,
    • CloudFront,
    • CloudFormation,
    • S3,
    • Lambda,
    • API Gateway,
    • AppSync,
    • Cognito,
    • DynamoDB
  • An understanding of functional programming

Personal Characteristics

  • Good problem solving skills, with an ability to think on your feet and the ability to solve issues quickly.
  • Team player with an ability to communicate ideas verbally and in written form.
  • Excitement about how smartphones and tablets are changing the world and a general interest in the tech industry.
  • Open to new technologies, and a willingness to try new things.

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