food & beverage service
for enterprise hospitality

In 5 years time, no hospitality business will survive by making their customers wait for service.

They should know your order before you do.

Right now, the mobile commerce ecosystem for enterprise hospitality is increasingly difficult to navigate, integrate and maintain.

Yet consumers are already demanding the convenience of mobile.

Modular, Scalable, Future Proof

We make it simple

AirService seamlessly combines mobile commerce services to deliver
an “out of the box” experience, fully branded as our client’s own.


Branded Apps

AirService is the ideal solution for chains, franchises, hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, or for any larger venue that wants to promote its own brand.

It is for those hospitality companies that want to control their customers’ ordering experience. To manage their communication. To own their own data.

AirService provides these companies with their own branded mobile commerce apps powered by the AirService platform.

Your company’s own app. “Powered by AirService”.

SDK & Open API

For clients with established apps, or who want a fully customised solution, AirService provides cross-platform SDKs and an Open API.

This allows our clients to embed the AirService technology seamlessly within their own custom app built internally or by any third party .

Designed for ease of integration across multiple platforms, AirService’s Restful API allows quick and simple addition of services.

Digital agencies can also make use of the AirService API when building apps with a mobile commerce component.

AirService Attendant

AirService Attendant enables staff to take orders from customers quickly on any mobile device.

Customers placing orders on their own mobile device isn’t always the best solution for every service situation.

For those service situations where its better that staff place the orders, we offer AirService Attendant. Optimised for speed and efficiency, AirService Attendant enables staff to enter customer orders onto a mobile device carried by them, with or without integrated credit card payment.

AirService Kiosk

AirService Kiosk enables customers to place orders on a publicly available tablet.

Benefits of AirService Kiosk include reduced labour costs and improved ordering speed and accuracy, as well as being a excellent way to showcase specials and promotions.

Tablets with AirService Kiosk can be mounted on tables, on stands, or left loose in hotel rooms. with or without integrated credit card payment.

The AirService Plugin

For clients that want to take orders via their websites or Facebook pages, AirService provides the AirService Plugin.

Simply add the AirService Plugin to the website or Facebook page for full AirService functionality. It’s the perfect way for our clients to engage their Facebook audience and upgrade their web experience.


Simple, efficient and effective order management.

The Terminal app is the ideal interface to process orders, communicate with customers, and to add that personal touch to service.

Terminal also integrates with a range of point of sale systems.


Full control

Clients manage their account by logging in to their own Dashboard via the AirService website.

AirService’s beautiful, intuitive Dashboard makes it incredibly easy to control, edit, and update menus, set promotions, and view stats, with the flexibility of granular administration control. Once we complete the initial set up of your venues, Dashboard allows ongoing management of your all your venues to be centrally controlled.

Getting started with AirService is quick and easy.