The mobile commerce solution.

AirService provides leading edge mobile ordering and payment technology for every hospitality venue, large or small.

Tailored solutions, hyperlocal marketing, and a deep understanding of customers through effective data analytics.

From cafés to casinos, food trucks to franchises.

Much more than an app

AirService is the complete mobile commerce platform

The AirService App

Every venue on the AirService platform appears in the AirService app. And the AirService app is on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Android devices, in a range of countries, all around the world.

Your Branded Mobile App

Your company’s own branded app, powered by AirService, with all the leading-edge AirService technology.

Open API

AirService can add mobile ordering to any existing app. Or the AirService platform can be used to build a completely customized solution.

Facebook & Web Ordering

Take orders from your company’s Facebook page or website, quickly and easily. The perfect way to engage with your Facebook audience and upgrade your web experience.

The Terminal App

Receive and process orders, communicate with customers, quickly and efficiently.

AirService Dashboard

The AirService control centre. Control and edit your company’s profile on AirService, with simple, powerful and effective management tools.

The Complete Solution

AirService is modular and fully adaptable.

It creates efficiency, improves customer service and drives sales across the full range of hospitality service situations.

Order ahead and pick up, either for dine in or takeout.

Delivery to a location in-venue, such as a table number, stadium seat or hotel room.

Delivery to an external location, such as an office or home delivery.

And orders can be placed for ASAP, or for a selected time or date in future.

The AirService App

Every venue on the AirService platform appears in the AirService app.

With just the AirService app customers can order from any AirService venue, for any service type.

It is the marketplace, app, the discovery app, ideal for venues that don’t need their own branded solution, and perfect for customers with “app fatigue”.

Branded Mobile Apps

Ideal for larger companies, chains and franchises.

AirService can provide branded iPhone and Android apps on the AirService platform.

This solution provides our clients with their own branded app for dedicated customers, while also allowing them to take advantage of and engage the wider AirService network of customers.

Building a mobile ordering solution involves significant capital expense, plus ongoing bug fixing, maintenance and upgrades. AirService takes that large capital expense, and turns it into a budgeted, reasonable operational expense, that’s always at the technological forefront.

Open API

For companies with established apps, or who want a fully customised solution, AirService has an Open API.

Designed for ease of integration across multiple platforms, our Restful API allows quick and simple addition of services into your apps.

This allows those companies to licence the AirService technology seamlessly within their own custom app built internally or by any third party.

Digital agencies can also make use of the AirService Open API when building apps, websites or platforms with an ordering component.

The Docket App

Simple, effective, and efficient order management.

Docket is the ideal interface to process orders, communicate with customers, add that personal touch to service and control the AirService experience on the go.

Docket can also be integrated with a range of point of sale systems.


AirService’s beautiful, intuitive Dashboard makes it incredibly easy to control, edit, and update menus, with the flexibility of granular administration control.

Dashboard also provides easy to use yet powerful reporting, analytics and management tools to better understand customer’s ordering habits, and to make the best use of AirService’s range of features.

Getting started with AirService is quick and easy.